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Only available in the UK

Certificate: 15

Free-spirited Jola, after escaping from a marital nightmare is letting loose with her friends and finds herself thrust into a new romance at a Latino dancing class. The drama evolves when the conservative powers of her generation try to justify her abusive husband. A highly cinematic and joyful journey into a woman’s battle to reinvent herself in her best age of life, when you are 69.

Directed by Malgorzata Goliszewska, Kasia Mateja



Certificate: 15


A Powerful documentary film about an Iranian couple who had an affair while they were married to other people, a crime in Tehran, punishable with execution.

With their four-year-old son Mani they leave their homeland, taking refuge in Turkey while they seek asylum to Canada or the US.

Directed by Eva Mulvad, Lea Glob...(co-director) and Morten Ranmar...(co-director)



Certificate: 18


Murdo, 15, and his father, Tom, journey from Scotland to North Alabama to visit their America/Scots relatives after the death of his mother. Murdo is an accordion player but has not played since his mother passed. He meets an old lady called Queen Monzee-ay who plays accordion. She rekindles his interest in music and invites him play a gig with her. The music becomes a wedge which drives itself between him and his father, who out of the best intentions tries to control him. Eventually Murdo transcends his father and follows the music.


Directed by Kenneth Glenaan



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