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If you doubt this mismatched pair could ever make it work, I invite you to re-examine the entire history of romantic comedies.

Three Summers endeavours to squeeze as much of modern Australia into its 102-minute duration as it can.

The film is worth seeing for Waters, giving a spirited portrayal of a loving father set in his ways and unable to see that times are changing, and Breeds as his lively, talented, worldly wise daughter.

Australian romantic comedy film written and directed by Ben Elton. Set at the annual music 'Westival' following the relationship between a pretentious folk-music-hating theremin player and fiddle player from an Irish folk band. Set over three years, as both acts return to the festival, the initial hatred turns to love.

A satirical comedy with a host of characters including Aussie morris dancers, an Indigenous dance troupe, a group of wine-loving empty nesters, a power-tripping security guard, a wannabe girl rock band and some musical asylum seekers.

What's it about?

The details

Rating: 15
Runtime: 1 hour 35mins
Stars: Robert Sheehan, Jacqueline McKenzie, Rebecca Breeds

Director: Ben Elton

Release: 2017